Call for Papers


Annual Assembly of
American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association

March 25 - 28, 2009 in Austin, TX

The deadline for abstract submission is
Midnight Pacific Time on Monday, August 18, 2008

The AAHPM & HPNA Annual Assembly Program Scientific Subcommittee invites the submission of proposals (abstracts) for Papers (15 minute presentation of a research study, clinical review, or case report) and Posters (a research study, evaluation project that reports outcomes, or a case report) in the following topic areas:
  • Systems of Care
  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Therapeutic Trials
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Services Research
  • Educational Research
  • Hospital Based Case Presentation/Clinical Vignette
  • Community Based Case Presentation/Clinical Vignette
  • Basic Science/Symptom Pathophysiology

The Annual Assembly Scientific Subcommittee encourages proposals from both previous presenters and individuals who have not presented before.

Submission Instructions

Proposals (abstracts) are to be submitted via the Internet. Proposals will be accepted July 14 - August 18, 2008, midnight, PDT. The system will be closed after August 18th and additional proposals will not be accepted. Your submission will be automatically sent to the AAHPM office once you have completed the forms and selected the submit feature on the web site. You should not mail any hard copies to AAHPM. The system is very user-friendly, and information about technical assistance is available.

Please provide all information requested on the submission tool, including:
  • A title for the presentation that describes your topic in a clear and concise manner and accurately informs the reader of the subject matter. Many meeting attendees will select your session based on title alone.
  • A listing of the sessionís measurable behavioral objectives. The objectives will be included in the program book.
  • All authors (& their contact information) associated with this submission. Accurate contact information for all authors is crucial for communication purposes and printed program materials.
  • A Disclosure Statement for the Presenting Author. Presenters must identify relationships with companies who manufacture products used in the treatment of the subjects under discussion.
  • A 300-word abstract which describes the session's content. Specific requirements for each presentation type are explained within the abstract collection tool. This information will be printed in the program book and should contain sufficient detail to permit an independent evaluation of the potential effectiveness of the session.

You will also be asked the following questions:

  • Is your presentation original research study, a clinical review, or a case report?
  • Is your presentation aimed at the more experienced practitioner, less experienced practitioner, or both?

While there is no limit to the number of abstracts you may submit, up to a total of 3 abstracts will be accepted per primary presenter.

Review and Notification

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the Annual Assembly Committee based on the following criteria:
  • Scientific/Clinical content is valid and supports the conclusions
  • Adds to existing knowledge, innovative/cutting-edge topic
  • Presents innovative solutions to current issues in hospice/palliative care
  • Contributes to the major content areas of the assembly
  • Significance/importance/relevance to hospice and palliative care
  • Content is valid and aligned with the interest of the public
  • Multidisciplinary approaches
  • Well written/clearly communicated

AAHPM Awards for Young Investigators
There will be three award categories: one for medical students and doctoral candidates; one for physicians-in-training (fellows and postdoctoral candidates); and one for junior faculty. Selected winners must be AAHPM members. Selections will be determined by the Annual Assembly Scientific Sub-committee during the abstract review process. Each winner will receive complimentary registration and $500 to assist with expenses related to attendance at the annual assembly.

AAHPM Paper Awards
This award recognizes the two top-scoring papers, as determined during the abstract review process by the Scientific Sub-committee. Recipients will be presented with a plaque at the start of their paper sessions.

AAHPM Poster Awards
This award recognizes the best poster in each submission category. The Scientific Sub-committee will identify potential posters during the abstract review process, and reviewers will meet again on-site to view the selected posters and make their final decisions. Recipients will recieve citation ribbons in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Notification of the proposalís status will be sent in early October 2008, to the presenting author listed on the submission. The presenter in accepted sessions will be required to register for the Assembly and pay appropriate registration fees.

AAHPM/HPNA 2009 Annual Assembly Scientific Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
Nathan Goldstein, MD and June R. Lunney, PhD RN
-AAHPM President Russell Portenoy, MD
-HPNA President Jane Sidwell, LMSW-AP RN CHPN®

Begin a New Submission by selecting one of the following. Deadline for the receipt of all submissions is Midnight Pacific Time on Monday, August 18, 2008:

Submissions Closed

Once you have submitted the title of your presentation you will automatically receive an email that includes a password-protected hyperlink. If you must interrupt the submission process before finishing it, you can resume at any time by clicking on the hyperlink in that email. For help in submitting an abstract online, email Tech Support.

Abstract submissions and revisions are no longer being accepted.

But you can still view your abstract. If you can find the confirming email mentioned above (from aahpm@confex.com) then you will have found a direct link to your submission. If you remember the abstract ID# and password, enter those codes below.

Abstract ID#       Password      

If all else fails, click here and we will send you another email with a link to your abstract.

Advanced Notice

Attention professionals and students advancing their career in hospice and palliative care! AAHPM and HPNA will be calling for submissions for a Professional in Training Case Conference. Fellows, advance practice nurses, and professionals of all hospice and palliative care disciplines pursuing career advancements through research and education, are encouraged to submit.

If you require assistance in using the online submission tool, please contact technical support or by phone (401) 334-0220 (8:30 AM - 6:00 PM, EST).